I am currently closed to new clients.

I love literary fiction, creative non-fiction with a smart, engaging language, romance novels that aren’t overdone, and fantasy novels with a clear sense of purpose, character, and setting. I also love a a poignant memoir that isn’t afraid to share struggles in a genuine way.  I’m not the editor for graphic crime or forensic novels.

Organization: You’ve finished your novel or your short story, and now you need another set of eyes to look it over. In addition to copy editing, I will look at the organization of events, descriptions, and characters. I also examine structure and style to help create cohesive and effective writing that will keep the reader interested in your plot arc. This service is the most comprehensive and automatically comes with an open invitation to discuss my suggestions and your intentions as a writer until you are satisfied.

Copyediting: In addition to minor editorial suggestions, copy editing includes working on the 5 C’s of good writing: clarity, conciseness, consistency, comprehension, and correctness. My job at this stage in the writing process is to point out small errors in the writing that jar the reader from the project’s flow or readability.

Proofreading: A thorough scan to ensure your nearly finished project is free of typos, punctuation, spelling, tense, or style errors.

Every project is different, and not all fit neatly into the above categories. My fees will vary depending on what you’re wanting from an editor. I provide a free 2 to 10-page edit of your manuscript for you to decide if my editorial style will fit your needs.

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