JoanDenise served as the editor of my memoir Simpatico. I found Denise to be extremely helpful in adding clarification to passes, digging deeper for feelings, and ensuring readability of the story in general. In addition, Denise spent time with me during several telephone conversations to discuss the focus of my book and the purpose for telling the story. With each discussion with Denise, she helped me gain clarity and add depth. Without reservation or hesitation, I recommend Denise as a seasoned, sensitive, and highly skilled editor.

— Joan K.

BrendaI have been working with Denise on my current novel, and it has been a pleasure working with her. I feel like we are both on the same wave length; she is so in tune with my writing style and has made the whole process seem effortless. She has a unique and eloquent way of expressing herself and assisting me in making my book flow with progressive continuity. Denise has a keen eye  for detail and will inform me if something is amiss and needs to be researched further. I so appreciate her professionalism and insights. I truly feel that under her direction, she has assisted me in making my story better. I look forward to working with her and Orange Hat Publishing on my next novel.  –BeJae Ladd

DougDenise proved to be the kind of editor I was hoping to find. She suggested many corrections and alterations, while reiterating its my story and to take or ignore her advice as needed. For the most part, I listened and she helped me mold the storytelling more effectively. Denise proved easy to work alongside. I came in under my deadline with better writing than I could have achieved on my own. Thanks!

~Douglas Van Dyke, Jr.




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