I’ve had this website for an age. It originally started out as a display case of sorts for my art and craft and Home DIY, and that was fun, but I also wasn’t “doing it right” (more on that in an upcoming post).

Then I quit my job as a adjunct English professor (another upcoming post about that).

Then I really dug into this website because I started an editing business, and I loved it. That is, until I decided that I didn’t love looking at screens for six+ hours a day (another upcoming post about that).

Then I took a job as a full-time, long-term sub in a high school, and that was interesting (yes, I’ll share about that too, but it’s more the length of a memoir).

And since then, I’ve been dabbling. A little bit of writing, a little bit of editing for a very small client list, a little bit of teaching, a bit of volunteering, and a very part-time retail job.

But I want to write. I need to write. And so, this is my accountability post, the first in hopefully a regular installment of this and that. I’m not going to get too niche-y here: I might post my latest handsy project (from knitting to embroidery to refinishing furniture), I will post snippets of what I’m working on now with my writing, and I’ll probably post a little bit of health-related topics.

And so, on a random Monday in October, with no fanfare or editing, here we go…